Countercharm 2: Of Stars and Dreams

Reading level: Ages 11-16
Paperback: 225 pages
Publisher: Infinity Publishing (November 13, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0741456028
ISBN-13: 978-0741456021
Category/Subject: JUVENILE FICTION / Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic

After Sydnie Knight called on the stars to destroy the man who terrorized her family, everything should have returned to normal. But as dreams reveal that he may have survived, Sydnie also discovers that she must stay on guard against her mother as well.Doubt and betrayal darken Sydnie’s heart when her mother, Antoinette, whisks her from home without an explanation. Her only hope against the evil energy threatening to consume her is to find her father.

Can Sydnie change the horrible visions of her future, or will unlimited power seduce her and destroy any hope of reuniting her family?

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Story Excerpt

“Neal told me there were no such things as witches,” Sydnie whispered hoarsely.

“Witch! What does that mean? You little brat!” The old woman screeched, turning her now cold, dark eyes toward Sydnie.

The look on Sydnie’s face told the old woman more than she wanted to know.

“Dark magic? Evil?” She hissed. “That’s what you think isn’t it, Little Girl? Well, there are no such things as witches, fairies or genies. It’s not magic. It’s power! It’s the awesome power of the stars, and that’s where you’re going.”

The old woman waved her hand. The wall of light that separated her and Sydnie disappeared.

“It would have been less painful if you had just done as you were told!” The crone continued as she advanced on the girl. “You have no idea what power the stars have. The energy! Only I know how much. I didn’t underestimate you, but you underestimated me.”

Several cylinders of light came down around them. Sydnie started as the searing heat just missed her.

“The stars gave me my power,” the old woman boasted. “So calling on them to help you against me is pointless.” She smiled, causing several lines to form on her smooth skin and finally showing her age.

The girl gulped as she stumbled backward. But she never took her eyes from the shock of white light flowing from the old woman’s hair. Sweat trickled down Sydnie’s forehead and back as if she stood trapped in the cylinders of light instead of outside them. The shear number of beams brought a stifling heat that made Sydnie’s head swim. But somehow she still felt frozen to the bone as she helplessly watched the old woman approach.


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