Countercharm Now On Kindle

Countercharm is now available on Kindle ebook for only $0.99. I’m excited about it and I hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon.


The Kinda Short Ramblings of Author Cherese A. Vines

Thanks for coming to my page.

Just to let you know some things about me. I am an author, wife and mother of two awesome kids. I have loved reading all my life and when I found out I could write my own stories, it was fantastic. In second grade I had a project where I wrote a story and then made it into a book. We used cardboard, yarn and wallpaper to make these little books. I still have mine more than 20 years later. It just reminds me of how creative a child is. I try to keep that youthful and effortless creativity in mind when I’m writing now. I think that is why I’m drawn to fantasy and science fiction and magic. I mainly write for young adult audiences, but I do have some adult fantasy/science fiction adventures as well. (More on those soon!)

The secret to my craft is that I’m the type of person who has the weirdest dreams that I not only remember but can sometimes control, and that is where many of the ideas for my stories come from.  Read More

Interview: Author of The Knight in Shining Armor

The Knight in Shining Armor by Aubrey Williams


Tell Us Who You Are


My name is Aubrey Williams and I am about to turn twenty-three this year. I currently live in Riverdale, GA and work full time in Fayetteville, GA. I was born in College Park and have lived in Riverdale almost my entire life. I find myself reading, writing, enjoying a TV series, or spending time with friends when I have free time. I’m quiet at first, but once I open up I’m an extrovert!!

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