Book Review: The Girl Who Could Fly

The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester


I was in the Goodwill book section and picked up a couple of books for my daughter and ran across this cover. It looked so interesting that I paid my 75ยข and took it home.


The Girl Who Could Fly is about a little girl named Piper McCloud from a farming community in Lowland County. Not sure where that is but it’s quaint with honest, hardworking people. Nothing much had changed in the McCloud family for generations on their 20 acres until Piper came along. And yes, she could fly.
The story flows well and the characters are likeable. Although the McClouds have distinctive “country” language, they are far from bumpkins. They are just simple people with simple ways and a flying child is just too much for them so they forbid Piper to fly and they homeschool her, never letting her interact with the community other than Sunday church and the doctor’s office (who mistakenly diagnoses Piper’s floating as only being a good climber, saying the McCloud’s have a “little monkey”on their hands). But of course if Piper didn’t fly and get found out, there would be no story. But instead if the welcome and acceptance she craves, Piper is further ostracized. Because flying feels so “right” to her, she can’t understand why everyone else feels it’s bad.
So in comes a government agency headed by Dr. Letitia Hellion who promises Piper that she can go to an institute where she will feel understood and everything will make sense to the confused little girl. But is this the best place for Piper and her unique ability when she has to leave home and her parents for the first time in her short life?
The Girl Who Could Fly is a great story about having a heart, following your heart, believing in and trusting yourself, and never giving up. Piper is a strong, pure-hearted character that is entertaining and sometimes exasperating as she talks constantly. But I have one of those talkers at home so I could relate to Piper’s ma and pa’s frustrations and love for their little girl.
It is also exciting and harrowing, creative but not completely unique. A little long, but never boring. I gave it a 4 out of 5.