3WIM Gwen and Elliot Interview: When You’re Meant…

Three Weeks in May by Cherese A. Vines

Interviewer: Eliza Lake

Special Guest Stars: Gwendolyn Elani Tolliver and Elliot Polis Rosser

EL: Eliza Lake is back with the interview you’ve all have been waiting for! My Three Weeks in May cast interviews have finally come to our stars: Gwendolyn Tolliver and Elliot Polis Rosser! Thank you guys so much for sitting down with me. I know our readers are as excited as I am that you’re finally here.

GT: Wow, thanks.

EPR: I didn’t even know we were celebrities.

EL: Are you kidding me? Everyone is in love with you two. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to have what you two have. Is the chemistry between you the same outside of the book as it is in the book? I mean, we can really tell you’re in love!

GT: (laughs) We have a great relationship in and out of the book, yes.

EL: So you of course fall in love in this book. Have you worked together on any other books?

EPR: Not yet. We’re hoping to persuade Cherese into developing Silva Delman Batavia and Auna Lawra Coley’s story. I heard you were hitting them with the hard questions.

EL: Really? I was just asking what I thought was obvious.

GT: It was obvious to me.

EPR: Seriously?

GT: Oh, come on, Elliot. Didn’t you ever wonder why they hadn’t gotten married yet? That was the first thing Ma asked me about when she met them at the engagement party.

EPR: I guess I missed that.

EL: Well, I suppose they don’t have what you two have. So what is it? What makes you Meant?

GT: (giggles) I couldn’t tell you. Elliot?

EPR: Being Meant is just something that you are or you aren’t.

EL: But out of all the billions of people on New Earth and really all the billions of Monacurians that showed up and all the other life forms out there, how does Gwen find Elliot? How does Elliot find Gwen? How do two people who were Meant for each other…find each other? That is just amazing to me.

EPR: Not if you think about the way time and space work. Every decision we make leads us to a specific place and time to experience what we experience. If Cherese hadn’t decided to try to clone herself, then you wouldn’t be here interviewing us now. If Gwen had not taken that leap and gone to DuSable City to study languages and if I hadn’t decided to leave the transport with my parents, we would have no story. Everything we do is based on our choices, but when we make a wrong choice, life has a way of leading us back to the path that’s right for us. To lead us to this time. To this place. To this experience. This is our experience. We’re supposed to be right here, right now.

GT: (gazes at Elliot) I have been sure about two things in my life. One was studying languages. And the other is Elliot. And when he explains things like that, you can’t help but just to love him.

EL: (breathlessly) I know.

EPR: (kisses Gwen) I love you, too.

EL: (clears throat) You guys are so sickeningly cute. I’m sorry. I have to find my sunglasses, that halo around you is blinding me.

EPR: (laughs)

GT: You’d be surprised how often we’ve heard that.

EL: Oh, you’re killing me! (pauses) So Gwen, lets be honest. You’re really risking your love when you’re not leaving well enough alone in this book.

GT: (smiles guiltily) I know. Every heroine has her flaws.

EPR: (shakes head, smiles)

EL: Yeah, but yours causes problems for everybody.

GT: Initially, yes. I hate waiting. But! Everything always works out, right? What would be the point of seeing a really good movie and the hero dies in the end? So the readers just have to trust Cherese. It’s worth the trip.

EL: I know. There is so much I want to ask you guys about, but I would probably end up giving away too much of the plot.

EPR: There are a lot of twists and turns in there you don’t want to ruin.

EL: OK then. Let me ask you this, Elliot? If you were in Gwen’s place, would you do the same thing she did? I mean, from her viewpoint.

EPR: That’s not a fair question. I have a lot of patience and Gwen has none. We’re good for each other in that respect. So…I would wait until the next Ceremony of Moons to get the Matchmaker’s blessing. But even if she denied us then, I would keep going back again and again to show the Matchmaker how much I love this woman —for however long it took, until the end of our lifetimes if need be to have Gwen as my wife.

GT: (sniffs) Elliot.

EL: (sniffs) OK. I’m going to turn away. You’re going to have me calling my beau in a minute. Thank you so much for sharing your love with us. Gwen. Elliot. We all wish we had what you two so evidently have. Well, everyone. That’s it. I saved the best for last. I don’t think I could do another interview after this if I tried. Go out and get your FREE copy of Three Weeks in May by Cherese A. Vines from Smashwords.com or Barnes and Noble or whatever eReader you have. This is a great love story. But it also has action, science-fiction, aliens, and time travel. Three Weeks in May is unlike anything you’ve ever read. Enjoy it. I have enjoyed. I have enjoyed meeting so many great characters. Thank you, Cherese, for the opportunity to meet these very real, very down to New Earth people. Wow! OK. I hope everyone got a chance to listen to Cherese’s radio interview on Tuesday, June 26th. It was great! She talked about her young adult series Countercharm. Now Sydnie and Neal, and Antoinette and Angelo may give Gwen and Elliot’s romance a run for their money. OK. Thanks for sticking it out with me. I’m on to the next adventure. This is Eliza Lake.

*Note to Cherese*

Thanks again. I hope we can work together again soon.