Unlucky Dip by Kate Tenbeth Book Review


Unlucky Dip by Kate Tenbeth is nothing like the Burly and Grim series she also writes. It is more for the young adult audience that begins with attempted murder.


Holly is celebrating her 15th birthday on a riverboat during a cold December night when her stepmother Sylvia chucks her over the railing into the Thames. After an intensive search, it’s feared that Holly may be dead. Some feign sadness (Sylvia) while others are devastated like Holly’s best girl friend, Georgie. As Detective Inspector Drummond takes on the case, Sylvia’s plan of an “accidental” death scheme may not be so brilliant after all.


Unbeknown to her stepmother, the detective, or the city, a young man named Jon has fished Holly out of the river and is nursing her back to health. They also don’t know that Holly has chosen to stay hidden as she pieces things together to take Sylvia down. This may not be the first time Sylvia has killed.


I enjoyed this quick read. The reader already knows the who, what, and when. We just have to follow Holly into the why and how to prove it.


Holly is a pretty resilient character. She is practical and handles her attempted murder as well as can be expected. She doesn’t go down easily and doesn’t fall apart. Jon is an enjoyable character. He keeps everything light as he and Holly delve deeper into Sylvia’s treachery. Detective Inspector Drummond is persistent and an unlikely softy when it comes to the people involved in his cases. But he is no pushover and justice will be served one way or another.


The plot is pretty transparent. Pieces are revealed to us fairly consistently. We’re just along for the ride wondering how Holly will prove any of her findings and if anyone will believe her. I thought Sylvia’s round about scheme was pointless once everything is revealed. It could have been stronger.


The ending is appropriate with only a few details that seemed far-fetched.


I recommend Unlucky Dip for a quick read with a bit of mystery and murder.


Rating 4/5


Creatus by Carmen DeSousa Book Review

18392722Creatus by Carmen DeSousa is the first book in the Creatus series. Have you ever wondered where all the stories and legends of super humans came from?


The Creatus are a race of people with abilities and strengths that exceed human capability. For the most part, they do what they can to help humanity while keeping to the shadows. But sometimes there is a rogue. Kristina finds out all too well about these beings when she falls in love with one Creatus named Derrick and becomes the target of murder of another mysterious rogue Creatus. Caught in the middle of these super beings, will she survive?



Creatus is a wonderful premise for the origins of the stories of such characters as Superman and Wonder Woman. The character backgrounds are well developed and consistent throughout. The setting is in Boston, both the upper crust and the not so. It has a wonderful first chapter that draws the reader in immediately. It’s exciting, heartbreaking and mysterious. The story kind of slows for several chapters.


Once the plot dilemma reveals itself, it is simplistic. The reader is able to narrow down the mystery rogue’s identity pretty easily once all the players have been introduced. It seems the majority of the story is dedicated to developing Kris and Derrick’s relationship, leaving the mysterious rogue attacks on humans as secondary for a while. I honestly skimmed through several chapters.


The dialog is kind of stilted in places and I had a hard time immersing myself in the story. I did like the introduction of Vic’s dilemma and how it leads into the next book on the series.


The ending is fast-paced and gets the readers wondering about book two. I loved the cover.


It is definitely worth a read, but be advised that it is more romance than action.


Rating 3/5