3WIM Savannah Little Interview: How Are You Spending Your Memorial Day?

Three Weeks in May by Cherese A. Vines

Interviewer Eliza Lake

Guest: Savannah Little

EL: Welcome. And let me start by saying thank you to all of our service men and women on this Memorial Day. Thank you to all you readers for joining me today.  I’m so sorry about the delay, but you know I started my Memorial Day weekend early. My sisters and I go visit my Granddad every Memorial Day. He’s 92 and he fought in World War 2. We’ve heard all the stories a million and one times but we still love talking to him. He lives in Jacksonville. So while I was looking up Savannah Little, I found out that she was in Destin. Shopping of course. I’ll admit I have a couple of bags in my trunk too. It’s great shopping out here. So, I’m actually dictating this from the beach. Oh, thanks. Everyone this is Savannah Little. Wait, let me start over. Thank you for joining me again for the Three Weeks in May cast interviews for Cherese Vines Charming Words blog. Today I’m welcoming Savannah Little who plays Gwen Tolliver’s co-worker and close friend. Thank you for sitting down with us, Savannah, and thank you again for my Margarita.

SL: Thanks for having me. I can’t believe you’ve never had a Margarita.

EL: I’m not much of a drinker.

SL: Can’t tell. How many is this, number four?

EL: (laughs) They taste like apple Jolly Ranchers. OK. I’m recording this. I’ll have to edit that out. OK. I’m supposed to be interviewing you.

SL: OK. Shoot. Wait. (sipping sound) OK. Shoot.

EL: So how do you know Gwen?

SL: From work. She started at the Coalition about a year after I did. We were assigned to the same department.

EL: What do you do at the Coalition?

SL: We’re translators. In order for the Coalition to do its job around the planet, they need to be able to talk to each other.

EL: What made you want to be a translator?

SL: I didn’t want to be a translator. I actually just liked traveling.

EL: Oh me too! It helps that both my sisters live in Europe. It’s so easy to just stay with them and take a train or drive wherever I want to go.

SL: Exactly. But you know you need money to travel. So that’s where the Coalition came in. I knew German from my Grandmother, and I took French in high school. I just learned as I went. So now–Excuse me, can we get two shrimp cocktails and two waters with lemon.

Male Voice: Yes ma’am.

SL: I’m sorry. I can’t let you drink another Margarita without something on your stomach. It’s like going out with Gwen. She is so sheltered.

EL: I know. I interviewed Ms. Irene and I told her that I didn’t think Gwen was really her daughter.

SL: I guess you haven’t seen her pis–mad. I can’t cuss on here, can I?

EL: Compared to Ms. Irene, that’s not cussing. (giggles)

SL: (laughs) I know. I don’t know how Gwen came out of that house without a bar of soap permanently stuck in her mouth.

EL: You know, I’m not really interviewing you. Cherese is going to kill me.

SL: Well, from what you told me about your interview with the Matchmaker,  you deserve this break.

MV: Here is you order.

SL: Charge it to Room 130, please.

MV: Yes, ma’am.

SL: Thank you.

EL: (muffled) Thank you, Savannah. I think I have partied way too much this weekend. Well, this week. Maybe I should have–You know, I usually just spend it with my Granddad and family.

SL: That reminds me, I have to call Mama Irene. I’m sure she’s enjoying Memorial Day too. You know she was in the Coalition Armed Services.

EL: Oh yes, I do. She talked about it for a good two hours during her interview. I had to cut almost all of it out.

SL: Well, she’s a proud veteran and she loves to run her mouth. I have to go call her. Did you have anymore questions for me?

EL: Girl, if I did I don’t remember. I think those Margaritas are getting to me. (giggles)

SL: There’s this great pasta place out here. It’ll soak up all that liquor. Let me make my call and we can head there in about an hour. Are you sure you’re all right?

EL: (giggles) I’m fine. I’ll meet you in an hour. And thank you, Readers, for joining me for–um.  Really thank you for the interview, Savannah. I hope you all will join me for my next interview. How many languages did you said you speak?

SL: OK. I believe you really aren’t a drinker. Come on. How do you turn this recorder off?

EL: The little paper-shaped thing.

SL: Are you sure?

EL: Wait, let me see.

SL: I think that’s the send but-

(machine clicks)

*Note to Reader*
As I didn’t have anything else to post and I couldn’t get a hold of Eliza Lake or Savannah Little for a phone interview, I decided to post this. I thought it was pretty funny. However, I didn’t know my alter ego could get drunk and ruin a pretend interview. Really? I have more issues than I thought.


Japanese Folktales for Children: Book Review

Japanese Folktales for Children by Ty Hulse is a collection of short stories. One tale is of a village and their kami. A kami is “a magical spirit which is usually helpful and which a person should respect.” One day the kami looks in a stream and finds out he is ugly and runs away to hide his face. The kami brings good crops for the villagers so they must find a way to bring him back. Another tale is of a poor, little old woman who laughs all the time and makes the best rice dumplings so the people call her the “Laughing Dumpling.” When one of her dumplings rolls off the table and out the door, she runs after it and ends up following the dumpling down a hole in the ground where her adventure begins. This is a cute little tale and I enjoyed it most of all. The tales flow quickly and are easy to read and understand. The illustrations are simple and charming. They look to be pencil drawings with great colors, sometimes vibrant and sometimes soft. I’m not an artist but I liked the artwork. They complement the stories well. I believe the author is also the illustrator. There are some typos in the text but I think that is due to the translation from Japanese to English. I have never really understood the meaning behind the stories of folktales wherever they originated, however I did enjoy these tales. 

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: I would recommend this book to everyone even though it says it is written for children.

Where to find: Zeluna.netAmazon