Charlotte’s Web: Book Review

Charlotte's WebCharlotte’s Web by E.B. White
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wonderful and funny. This edition was read by the author and you can really feel the characters’ personalities. The geese were hilarious. I remember seeing the movie when I was young but I don’t remember ever reading the book. I enjoyed it and would listen to it again and when I have time, read the book.

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Smashwords Is Back Up! had a total blackout on part of February 13th and then all of Valentine’s Day. Really? Although, I guess I can’t complain about something that is free. Lol. It’s back up now and hopefully working well for anyone who visits the site.

So go get your FREE copy of Three Weeks in May, my new paranormal romance!

On a related note, I was really shocked by the number of downloads I did receive in the three days before the site crashed. I uploaded my book on February 10th and by February 13th before Smashwords blacked out, I had 106 downloads! Don’t get me wrong, this is the response I wanted, but it exceeded what I expected for the release date being February 12th. But Smashwords makes your ebook available pretty quickly after it’s approved, and I guess people read the synopsis and were intrigued. Either that or the FREE price tag. 🙂

A few days after I published, a friend of mine Jacquitta McManus, an amazing storyteller (see her website Worlds to Discover HERE), told me about this book called On Writing Romance: How to Craft a Novel that Sells by Leigh Michaels which is also currently FREE on Kindle as of the time of this post. Now this was a book I wish I had seen a month ago. 🙂 It’s a really easy read so far and very informative.

Three Weeks in May is my first romance and I just wrote what I felt instead of following any specific guideline for a bestseller, so I’m not sure what category of romance it falls into. It does have many elements of a Paranormal Romance, but my characters are engaged in the beginning of the book, unlike other romance novels that start with strangers meeting.

But I had no idea that there were so many categories in the romance genre. I’ve read a few romances, but didn’t realize that romance novels are one of the top-selling genres. I’m guessing that is one of the reasons why my download numbers shot up so quickly. I’d like to think that my awesome book description is the other. Lol. Whatever it is, I’m glad for it and hoping I get a lot more downloads and tons of feedback. The reader can tell me that it is the best thing they’ve ever read or the worse piece of trash on the internet just as long as they tell me why. I want to become a better writer and I welcome constructive criticism.

So, I’m just now starting my research on the romance novel industry…oops. 🙂 My local library was gracious enough to have a 30 gallon storage bin in the lobby filled to the brim with romance novels and a sign that said “FREE books. Take as many as you want.” I had to make two trips to the car. I think this is a good sign.

Looking forward to the reviews!

Happy Reading!