Cover Reveal! Cords of the Ascendant by Cherese A. Vines

Cover Reveal


Book One in The Power Business Collection

by Cherese A. Vines

Release Date: January 10, 2015

Genre: Thriller, Techno, Science-Fiction

 COTA frontcover


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After covertly implanting a nanochip into the newly elected U.S. President, Maxwell Charles detects a glitch in the device. What was intended to be a simple electronic connection manifests into a psychic link between Maxwell and the head of state.

Maxwell soon finds himself wondering whose face he will see in the mirror the next time he looks. Can the president see him too? Is he being influenced by the subject of his own invention?

As he races to sever the psychic link, Maxwell soon discovers that he is one among many who wish to control the president. Someone close to the Commander-in-chief also has an interest in the business of mind manipulation. Now they’re tracking Maxwell, the formula for this new technology, and its potential for unlimited power.



I’m an Indie author and publisher who also writes young adult and fantasy/science fiction.

I have many more manuscripts in edits since I found out how cool it is to publish independently. I’m mainly drawn young adult fantasy, magic, and science fiction; although, I’m open to reading other genres just as long as it has a good premise and plot. I like writing reviews and discussing book and movie plots and characters with other readers.

I thrive on discussion and constructive criticism, so shoot me message and tell me what you think of any of my books! Please remember to leave a review for my books at your favorite retailer.







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CounterCharm Countercharm

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Countercharm 2: Of Stars and DreamsCC2 Cover


After Sydnie Knight called on the stars to destroy the man who terrorized her family, things should have returned to normal. But as dreams reveal that he may have survived, her only hope against the evil energy threatening to consume her is to find her father. Can Sydnie change the horrible visions of her future, or will unlimited power seduce her and destroy any hope of reuniting her family?


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When the Matchmaker denies Gwen and Elliot’s request to marry, Gwen embarks on a relentless journey to find out why. Her search for answers may lead to a darker future for all of Humankind-a future made darker still as Gwen realizes that she may lose Elliot forever.


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