New Release: Sticks, Stones and Dragon Bones III by Evelyn Ink

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 Sticks, Stones and Dragon Bones III


Evelyn Ink

Book Blurb/Synopsis:

Terrible news– Book Three of the atrocious Sticks, Stones, and Dragon Bones series is out and available on amazon! Horrors! The terrors of book two were one thing, but book three, I’m quite sorry to report, contains more devastation and devious plotting than any young reader can handle. So stop here, make some coco and think up a lovely ending of your own… One where all the Darlington sisters are reunited, returned safely home, and possibly purchase a pony farm. Because I am afraid if you read on, you will find no such satisfactory ending in Book Three. Rather, the Darlington sisters come face to face with the villainous Lord Abraxis, join the Rebel Crows– only to discover a scheming spy is among them, and worst of all, are induced to deface public property!

So please, I beg of you, save yourself from the horror that is Book Three.


Available Now on Amazon!


A Note from the Author

Dear Readers,


My name is Evelyn Ink and I am the sad conveyer of the tales regarding the ill-fated Darlington sisters. I must warn you, nail biting danger and bad behavior leaks from every page of the Sticks, Stones, and Dragon Bones books.

       Despite the redeeming aspects of this adventure (vikings, pirates, a creepy oracle with bad teeth and a terrible prophecy) the escapades of the sisters are sadly marred by their distasteful conduct and poor choices. Let me introduce you to the unlucky characters.


Bean is a resourceful and intelligent child of a scientific nature, unfortunately she has a bad habit of running headlong into dangerous situations. Despite her understanding of the physical world and keen observation skills, she tends to choose the path of peril and adventure at every turn. She also happens to be a minor hypochondriac with an incurable case of scientific blathering.


Paige, her older sister, is a thoughtful and literary young woman with a rather pessimistic outlook on life. Despairingly, she rarely bothers using her understanding of dark characters, devious plots, and dangerous situations to make cautious and prudent choices.


Hayde and Dorrit are twins and the youngest of the family. They live by their own set of peculiar rules, rules based loosely on the principals of piracy and not taking baths.  The are small for their size, mean, scrappy, and do not take baths.


       As a dedicated author I am obligated to record the terrible events surrounding the Darlington sisters However you, as a reader have no such obligation to read them, and I suggest you don’t. I’ve heard there are several fantastic books out about well-behaving gnomes, polite ponies, and tea-sipping princesses, perhaps one of those books might be more suited for you…



                                                               Evelyn Ink 

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