Andy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon’s Fury by L.R.W. Lee Book Review


Andy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon’s Fury

by L.R.W. Lee

Why did I wait so long to read this?! I absolutely loved this book. It has adventure (quests), dragons, knights, humor, good principles, friendship and self-discovery.

Andy Smithson is a kid that has kind of gotten lazy. He doesn’t feel heard or seen by his parents and he just lets things happen to him because no one is going to listen to him anyway. But one day he is “beamed” to a different place where dragons and Pegasus’ exist. Andy is welcomed warmly and sincerely, which is new to him. He is also gets the opportunity to earn trust and respect, even from adults.

I enjoyed reading about Andy’s adventures. The Prologue was funny as well. The characters seem genuine and easy to relate to. The setting takes some getting to use to because it was hard for me to imagine the landscape and how people functioned under the “curse.” But the author keeps it well in our minds. The pacing and end-of-chapter cliffhangers kept me reading.

There are many good principles brought up in the book. Although they were quite obvious to me (an adult) they may be a good “nudge in the right direction” for the middle graders who are the target reading group.

I would definitely recommend this book to middle graders, boys and girls, especially if you like magic, dragons, knights, and quests (sorry no princesses). This is only the beginning for Andy. Will he be able to break the curse? I can’t wait to read the next adventure.

Rating 5/5 stars


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