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Sydnie Knight never knew how much her life would change when her mother sent her to Seattle to stay with her aunt. Upon her first meeting with a strange young man named Ron Andres, she has a foreboding feeling about him. After a series of dreamlike visions, bizarre behavior, and a near-fatal drowning accident, Sydnie is sent to “talk things out” with psychologist Dr. Neal Vaughan. From the doctor, Sydnie learns frightening realizations that only get more fantastic as time goes on. Who can she trust when she finds out her mother is missing and everyone seems to think she’s gone crazy? Including herself.

Countercharm 2: Of Stars and Dreams


After Sydnie Knight called on the stars to destroy the man who terrorized her family, everything should have returned to normal. But as dreams reveal that he may have survived, Sydnie also discovers that she must stay on guard against her mother as well.

Doubt and betrayal darken Sydnie’s heart when her mother, Antoinette, whisks her from home without an explanation. Her only hope against the evil energy threatening to consume her is to find her father.

Can Sydnie change the horrible visions of her future, or will unlimited power seduce her and destroy any hope of reuniting her family?






Author Bio

ChereseVinesphotoCherese A. Vines was born in Colorado. She is the oldest of three girls born into a military family. Cherese began writing early in her childhood, taking easily to her reading, spelling, and grammar studies. She has lived from Chicago to Texas and her writing has benefited from the experience. Cherese,  her husband and two children reside in the Atlanta, Georgia area.



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