The Novella Revolution

A writer friend of mine has written a novella. wpid-Aversion-_cover-reveal.jpgAversion by Kenechi Udogu is available right now from Smashwords. We were talking about revitalizing interest in the novella. I think we could do it especially with the popularity of eBooks.

For publishing purposes, a novella would be overpriced as a paperback or hardback. Just look at the prices of children’s hardcover storybooks: $15.99! Ridiculous. I have no problem buying my storybooks at the thrift store.

But I’m getting off the subject. I think that priced right, the novella could become very popular. If you can get a full-length novel 80,000 words and above as an eBook for $9.99 plus, you can enjoy an eBook novella for 99 cents. Besides, I can tell a spectacularly exciting story in 30,000 words or less. I aim to keep the excitement, momentum and interest going by keeping it short. The shorter the better. That means more sequels! Series are so popular right now, and there’s so much to discover throughout a series as opposed to wading through a 300,000 plus word novel. I sometimes forget what happened in the beginning by the time I’m finished with those monster novels.

Share your thoughts on novellas.

Happy Reading!


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