I Just Couldn’t Finish That Book

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately. Some of them are big publisher releases and others are Indie releases. I have found that there is a disparity between how I feel about big publisher versus Indie when it comes to my desire to finish reading a book that I’m just not that into.

I have started major publisher titles and didn’t feel any guilt at all when I got bored with it and just returned it to the library. (I rarely buy books I haven’t already read at the library.) But when it comes to Indie titles, I struggle to finish a book even if it is not speaking to me. Why? Do I feel an obligation to support the books even though they don’t hold my attention because they are Indie books? What about the review once I’m done with it? I absolutely hate to give bad reviews. Although I have, I support my poor opinion of the book with examples and spend a lot of time trying to make up for not liking it. I don’t want to be the person who leaves a 2-star review and just write “This was the worse book I ever read,” and then leave it at that. I think that is lazy and unfair, especially if you did get to the end of the book.

Do I feel like this because I wouldn’t want someone to do the same to my books? Maybe I’m just too nice. Maybe I see potential in every story written. It hurts to see two stars and not know why.  It’s like someone breaking up with you and you don’t know what went wrong. That feeling will linger and you’ll wonder if you’re making the same mistakes you made before in the book you’re writing now.

Well, I suppose if I make the effort to praise a book I loved, then I should give that same respect to the book I didn’t like. A fellow reviewer suggested that I still write a review of the books I didn’t finish. I just opt not to give a star rating. It wouldn’t be fair or accurate.

As an Indie author I think can honor my obligation of camaraderie by at least trying to finish books I have trouble getting through or at least voicing my opinion to help others hone their craft.


Happy Reading to you all!


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