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Wish by Deby Adair Book Review

on October 30, 2012

Wish by Deby Adair is about a young girl called Rielle and her faithful dog Pud who meet a unicorn named Benny and his herd. Rielle is quickly welcomed into the herd. And as Benny and Rielle get to know each other he discovers Rielle has been wandering around with no one but Pud for company. She has a broken heart.

Benny immediately takes up her cause because “to be sad is to crush the heart of God.” (Beautiful) So with the blessing of the herd and the help of Hoot the owl and Bobs and Bibs, two Imperial Guard snails (funny and cute), they set off to find Hope in the land of Wish to ask if Rielle still has a dream.

This is a delightful tale with a hard-headed but loveable little girl and her simply adorable dog. It has so much heart and love in it. I enjoyed this story because it is refreshing to read a book about hope with decent and entertaining characters in it.

It has a great introduction to Rielle and Pud’s story. I thought maybe this should’ve begun the book instead of the prologue about the knight, unicorn and old lady. The “adventure” was a bit simplistic. But since it is part of a trilogy, it is just a step in the larger plot.

I liked the description. It creates emotions and lovely mental pictures. My favorite is in the first chapter:  “worry put eagles on her heels.”

The story does slow down a little when Rielle tells Benny why she wanders. It is a long exchange. But one thing that made me smile is Benny. I had no idea unicorns had so many facial expressions. They can grin, look puzzled, and roll their eyes. This was very entertaining. I recommend it to all readers.

Rating 4/5

The WISH trilogy – by Deby Adair. – Book 1: WISH-Dreams Beginning, Book 2: WISH AGAIN-Dreams Truth, Book 3: The THIRD WISH-Dreams Honour.


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