Guest Post: Ill-Fated By Evelyn Ink Free Today On Amazon

Guest Post By Evelyn Ink author of Ill-fated

Ill-fated: destined to fail or have bad luck…

An unlucky moon, a meaningless number, and worst of all, an ill-fated star which falls south, all send Leila on a quest she does not expect to survive…

Leila must face the complete unknown: drudge hunters, bloodswamps, monsters from the Shadowland, and the strange mechanical magic of Southland. However, she is not alone for long. A quirky friendship develops after she crosses paths with Sam; a boy with a scrambled brain and memory loss caused by black damage. The dangers they face in the Ramble bring them closer together, and as Leila’s quest unravels, Sam’s past is pieced together.

The clues lead them deep into the Brakenfire Mountains in search of the Wasteland Witches, but when they find the witches and Sam’s true identity is revealed, Leila must face up to a past that could rip their friendship apart…

So what inspired this book? Well, I’ve never loved anything more than fantasy worlds that feel so real you can practically smell them. A few examples of those (for me) would be Middle Earth, Narnia, and Hogworts.

I love writers who make up words that sound like what they are, or bring back lost, archaic words with a twist. While writing Ill-fated, I kept a journal of words I just liked the sound of, and then paired them up with other words to create names for things like types of trees, flowers, potions, or places. I few of my favorite invented words were: Idlerile, sulkweed, wolfwood, the Wasteland Witches, and the Iron Spine. I also dug up old archaic words like earth-dolven, slubberdegullion (a slob or drunkard), dotard (old, senile person), and ugsome (it is just as it sounds – super gross!).

Finding a way to introduce the words without slowing down the plot with a definition was difficult, but I did my best to put them into a context where their definition could easily be deduced without an explanation. This has already been proven to be true for some readers and false for others.

So what am I doing now? Currently I am working on getting my fantasy, middle reader trilogy, Sticks, Stones, and Dragon Bones, ready for print (just editing and finishing up illustrations at this point). Also, I am writing the companion novel to Ill-fated, but have no title as of yet.

If this pricked your curiosity, you can skulk about on my blog:

Ill-Fated by Evelyn Ink

Free from October 12, 2012 to October 16, 2012 (Kindle Edition only). Here’s the link:


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