Water, Water Everywhere

So my mom retired last week and I took my children across state lines to help her celebrate. The program was very nice and the food was good. I could tell my mom’s co-workers love her and will miss her.

But she’s mine now!

I’ve been looking forward to her retirement for a looong time. Free babysitting pretty much whenever I want. Long writing weekends or a few days at a writing conference. Ah…

I was never so reminded how much I’ve been waiting for this until I saw my children running in circles, and then chasing balloons, and then trying to sneak out the room, and then crying when they were caught. I had a hard enough time trying to keep them still and quiet during the speeches, never mind afterwards. It was no use trying to rangle 2- and 3-year-olds. With my children and my nieces and nephews, it was pretty…exciting in there.

My sister looked around and said, “Children, children everywhere.”

Yeah, and not a drop to drink.

Happy Retirement, Momma!I love you…and your babysitting skills!


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