Hollywood Lazy

My husband and I went to see The Bourne Legacy. It was an entertaining action flick. I think the storyline had more depth than the previous Bourne movies. See my review here. But what bothered me was that it felt like I had seen it already. This is because of the movie trailers released. Yes the trailers were exciting and made me want to go see it. But, they showed way too much. It seemed that in every major scene I knew what would happen. A scene on the trailer showed Jeremy Renner running away from an exploding house in a snowy wood. As I was watching the movie, I remembered the scene from the trailer and so I expected that part.

Another movie I saw recently, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, left me feeling the same. Review here. Here’s a bit of advice, never watch the making of before you see the movie. They showed all the good parts. The trailer is no better. It feels like I had already seen the movie and that I was just watching it to fill in the storyline. What happened to intrigue? Hollywood is getting lazy. That is evident by the remakes and re-releasing movies in 3D. If anyone has seen anything really worth seeing, let me know. I’ll be sure not to watch the trailer.


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