Awesomely Fun Interview on Edin Road Radio

Tuesday was my first radio interview. I was on Edin Road Radio speaking with Jesse Coffey. I was so excited that I was bouncing around like my 6-year-old does when I tell her we’re going to a restaurant or the pool. And then 10 minutes before I was to go on,

I started to get a stomach ache. Lol. But I did it anyway. Isn’t that brave? Once I got through reading my excerpt from Countercharm I was calmer and things went well. Thank you to everyone who tuned in. Thank you to Margarette Evans, an awesome friend and even more awesome singer; Chris Jones for recommending Edin Road to me; Jesse Coffey for giving indie writers a platform; my awesomely kick-ass sisters Jessica Lyons, the author of Lately, and My Dreams, and Marlana V., the fashionista; and all my family, friends and readers. Did I forget anyone? Lol.
Countercharm and Countercharm 2: Of Stars and Dreams are available in print wherever books are sold. They are available in ebook at, but I’m working on getting more ebook formats at Smashwords. So check back often.
Don’t forget Three Weeks in May is free on with all ebook formats available, and in print from CreateSpace through
Happy Reading!


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