3WIM Silva and Auna Interview: How Monacurians Really Think

Three Weeks in May by Cherese A. Vines

Interviewer: Eliza Lake

Guests: Silva Delman Batavia and Auna Lawra Coley

EL: Hello again. This is Eliza Lake. I’d like to apologize for the long hiatus. I was thinking long and hard about whether being an interviewer was good for me. And I just need to approach this from a different angle. I’ll be doing group interviews to finish out the Three Weeks in May cast interviews. Today, I’m welcoming Silva who plays Elliot’s close friend and co-worker, and Auna, Elliot’s friend and Silva’s girlfriend. Welcome.

SDB: Thanks.

ALC: Thank you.

EL: So, Auna, since you’re the expert reporter full-time just let me know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.

ALC: Eliza Lake, it’s all about having a conversation.

SDB: (grins knowingly) And catching them off guard.

ALC: (smiles) I don’t do that intentionally. When I ask my questions and they weren’t expecting a particular question, then they have something to hide. And I like honesty for my readers.

SDB: Yes, but some people don’t like being asked certain questions. If you really know your stuff, you know which questions not to ask.

ALC: I’m a journalist. I don’t want to report on things readers already know.

EL: Do you two need a minute?

ALC: No, we’re always-

SDB: Arguing.

ALC: Debating. I don’t argue.

EL: So, how do you two know Elliot?

SDB: Since the transport.

ALC: Yes. Wow, how long ago was that?

SDB: Before college. Going on eleven years.

EL: So you all knew each other on the transport. I have heard mention of the transport, but I don’t know too much about it.

SDB: Not much to know.

ALC: Oh, don’t listen to him. The transport was the ship that brought Monacurians to Original Earth. The transport is like a planet in and of itself. It’s huge.

SDB: (sighs audibly)

EL: Is? You mean it’s still here?

ALC: Yes, just beyond the atmosphere, but not orbiting. Although, it is out there close. It was used to carry a majority of Monacurian life, legacy and history across space. And when the survivors of Original Earth were rescued, they lived on it as well.

EL: Can you give me an idea about how big is huge?

ALC: A third of Original Earth, with cramped quarters of course. That is why the Elder Council was looking to offload some of it’s less than desirable inhabitants.

SDB: Auna Lawra Coley is a conspiracy theorist.

EL: Really? What kinds of-

SDB: You don’t have the time to hear it all.

ALC: Silva Delman Batavia is not a conspiracy theorist–for lack of a better word.

EL: Oh, well. I suppose it could wait until after the interview. OK. You mentioned that you both met Elliot on the transport. So you knew him before he met Gwen. What do you think of his choice of wife? Is there any prejudice against her being Human? And be honest.

ALC: I have no problem whatsoever. Silva Delman Batavia was friends with Elliot Polis Rosser before I met him. We all became friends right before we disembarked. I think Gwendolyn Elani Tolliver is a sweet girl for Elliot Polis Rosser. It’s progress. Monacurians need to realize they are not the only intelligent life-forms in the universe.

EL: And what about you, Silva?

SDB: She is the right girl for him. There is something about Elliot Polis Rosser that, when you know him really well like we do, it couldn’t have worked out any other way. I did have some misgivings at the start, but when she just blended in at one his family’s gatherings. I had to give her some credit.

EL: (loudly) Credit for being a Human who could interact intelligently with Monacurians?

SDB: Ouch! I didn’t mean to offend you. (laughs) I meant that I didn’t think she could handle the huge difference between our species. It has nothing to do with intelligence. I meant understanding. She understands Monacurians for the most part.

EL: I’m sorry. We Humans are proud. (smiles)

ALC: And you should be. It’s Monacurians that need to be knocked down a peg or two.

EL: Are we really that different from you?

ALC: Fundamentally, no. But Monacurians have a superiority complex. Myself included, but I try to keep it in check. And Monacurians believe in the collective. You know, doing everything for a common goal. As great as Human are and can be, they have a more “me first” attitude. Your society promotes being individuals more than helping the good of all. I think that’s where Gwendolyn Elani Tolliver is running into trouble with the Matchmaker. We respect the Matchmaker’s decisions because they are for the good of the species.

EL: So do you agree with the Matchmaker denying Gwen and Elliot her blessing to be married?

SDB: I do. It was for the good of both of them and everyone. But they can also stand before her again and she could change her mind. It’s not uncommon for the Matchmaker to deny a couple several times. However, the fact remains that her decisions are right in the long run.

ALC: As much as I would like to disagree just on principle as a “conspiracy theorist,” I respect the Matchmaker’s decision. I also respect the Elder Council. Don’t laugh (gently nudges Silva).

SDB: I thought you wanted the Elder Council disbanded and banished. (laughs)

ALC: I don’t really. I just want them to show a little give. Humble themselves for a second. Any more than a second and I suppose it’ll kill them. But that’s beside the point. Stop laughing. (smiles)

EL: You two seem to have a good-natured relationship. Why haven’t you made a trip before the Matchmaker?


SDB: (grins) You caught her off guard, Eliza Lake.

ALC: (smiles) I guess so. Well, to answer your question, I just never really pictured us before the Matchmaker.

EL: You either?

SDB: (shakes head) I guess not.

EL: Why?

ALC: (looks at Silva) Something to think about.

SDB: (looks at Auna) Yes.

EL: And you two have been together for about eleven years? And you haven’t thought about it? I’m finding that hard to believe. (raises eyebrows)

SDB: (nods) We just fell in with each other and became comfortable with it this way.

EL: Is this something that’s normal with Monacurians?

ALC: No. It’s just us, I suppose.

EL: I guess we all could take a page from Gwen when she is so determined to fight for her marriage to Elliot. Thank you Silva and Auna. Thank you readers for joining us. Finally, I will be interviewing Gwen and Elliot, the stars of Three Weeks in May. And don’t forget to tune in to Edin Road Radio on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. for Cherese A. Vines’ radio interview. She will be reading an excerpt from the book. Don’t miss it.

*Note to Cherese*

Sorry this took so long. You know, this interview really has me thinking. Am I working too hard at too many things? My beau is so understanding. But will we end up like Silva and Auna, just being comfortable with the way things are? I’m not saying marriage is my future, yet. But it gives me something to think about too. Anyway, can’t wait for your radio interview!


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