3WIM Irene Tolliver Interview: The Clean Version

Three Weeks in May by Cherese A. Vines

Cast Interviews by Eliza Lake

Today’s Guest: Irene Tolliver

EL: I’m Eliza Lake and I want to welcome Irene Tolliver to Cherese Vines Charming Words blog. Irene appears in Three Weeks in May, a paranormal romance by Cherese A. Vines. She plays Gwen Tolliver’s mom. Thank you for joining us Ms. Irene. So, everyone who has read the book is wondering: Who the hell is Louis?

IT: (laughing) Gwen asked me the same thing. I met him at one of my neighborhood watch meetings. He hosted it at his house one time. He lived alone and I lived alone. But that didn’t last long (rolling her eyes). I’m back with my Gwen’s father Patrick. We’ve been through some shi-stuff. Excuse me. But Patrick’s got a lot more…passion than Louis. We’re looking to get married again soon. Shouldn’t have divorced in the first damn place.

EL: (laughing) Your character has a lot of passion too and very “colorful” language. Do you really “cuss like a sailor” in eighteen different languages?

IT: (smiling) No. Only five. I’ve got to watch what I say now. I work in a retirement home. Old people have got sensitive ears to that type of talk. But I used to shoot out some choice words back when I was in the Coalition Armed Services. And yes, I was a sailor. (laughing) I picked up my “bad” habit because I liked to go to the more interesting parts of the cities I was stationed at.

EL: (leaning in closer) The “interesting” parts? What does that mean?

IT: You know, the side of town Coalition officers weren’t supposed to be seen in. I picked up a word or two from some of my friends there.

EL: (raising eyebrows) You have friends? You’re pretty mean to your family and friends in Three Weeks in May, aren’t you?

IT: I’m not mean. I just say things that people take as mean. I’m being honest. If you got to pretend around people you love, then you don’t really love them.

EL: So you love Gwen to death.

IT: (laughing) She knows her ma loves her.

EL: So how do feel about Gwen marrying a Monacurian?

IT: I don’t have anything against Monacurians. I’m not happy about the Matchmaker thing. She’s not even family and they all doing what she says. That don’t make sense. People got schedules to keep. I don’t know what the big fuss is about that woman.

EL: So how about Elliot. Do you like him?

IT: I like him fine. Besides the whole Matchmaker thing, I’ve never had anything bad to say about him.

EL: Doesn’t sound like you like him much. He’s going to be your son-in-law.

IT: (smiling) He’s a good kid. Gwen made a good choice. Besides I told that boy early on that I knew how to use a rifle.

EL: So you’re not in the book much, but you have a big effect on Gwen and her choices. Is she your only child?

IT: Yes, my one and only.

EL: Gwen doesn’t seem like your daughter. She seems shy.

IT: No, Gwen is just like me. But she’s better at holding her tongue. Make her mad and you’ll see how much she is like me. Probably cause we spent so much time alone together. Patrick was always on tour. That’s how me and Patrick met, in the Armed Services. He’s been in almost 30 years. I keep telling him he needs to retire. See, that’s why we got a problem cause he don’t listen. We go at it sometimes just because he don’t do what I tell him to do. Tell Cherese that she needs to write our story. Me and Patrick got a lot more drama and passion than those kids. (winking)

EL: (nodding slowly) I’ll let her know. OK. Thanks for joining us, Ms. Irene.

IT: No problem, Kid. Don’t forget to tell Cherese. I’ve got a great title: Battle for Triumph. Oh! And then she could write that somebody’s trying to kill us as we go from base to base.

EL: (wide eyed) Did someone really try to kill you and your husband?

IT: No. I’m just shooting out ideas. People like drama. Don’t you watch TNT?

EL: Oh. O. K. I want to thank Irene Tolliver for joining us. And I will be sitting down with the Matchmaker in my next interview with the cast of Three Weeks in May.

*Note to Cherese*

Hey girl! I told you not to worry. She didn’t even cuss as much as you would think. I edited a lot out including some stories about the “interesting” places and people she’s been with, if you know what I mean. Whew! Between you and me, I only believe half of what that woman said. She likes to embellish. But see, I still had enough to print. I’ll be tracking down the Matchmaker next. I just decided that. So don’t worry about the interviews. I’ve got it. This is more fun than I thought! I’ll have the next interview in a couple of days. -Eliza


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