My Alter Ego Is Acting Up

May 16th is significant in my book Three Weeks in May. And I should have a wonderful post marking this day. But I don’t. Let me tell you why.

Ok. The minions have not shown up and my to-do list has grown out of control. And my quest for a clone is not going the way I expected. Instead of someone I can leave in charge and then go sip Sangria with Santa, I get an alter ego.

My alter ego is Eliza Lake. I’m nothing like her. She is cute. Well, I am cute so that part is the same. And no, I’m not being vain because it’s true, I am cute. If I was being vain I would’ve said I was gorgeous. Now, back to Eliza. She’s stylish, childless and has no husband. But she does have a steady beau (to be named later) who is desperate to marry her. However, she has an adventuresome and demanding job (to be announced later) that would get in the way of wedded bliss right now. So she’s asked him to wait. And of course he says he will…forever if need be. (clearing throat) And he is a successful whatever. Not important now so long as he is stable with room for advancement.

So! Eliza’s family is loving, if a little “off”. She has two supermodel younger sisters who make her look like she only has movie-star good looks. Eliza just can’t seem to convey the right emotions through her eyes like her sisters, other than pissivity and exasperation on any give day. Plus she’s only 5’2″. (oh what I wouldn’t give for those 2 inches!) And of course “super” in supermodel means super tall. So there’s no runway for my girl Eliza.

Eliza has the energy of a two year old. Not that she’s childish or any thing, just really energetic. One of those ” motivated” people. Yeah she’s starting to annoy me already. But! She’s just what I need right now because I’ve been trying to schedule interviews with the Three Weeks In May cast for almost three weeks (ha ha, couldn’t help it:-). SO I have put Eliza in charge of getting the interviews done. Of course I’ll give her credit for the work. Maybe that could be her career. We’ll see. Eliza is a “do something” kinda girl. She may not stay for long. She may be off on an adventure after this. But if I give her more blogging bylines, she might stay a bit longer. She says I’m going to love her interviews. It’s hard for me to delegate…but I have no choice. May is almost over and the book’s not called Three Weeks in May and Some of June.

OK, have at it Eliza.

How does the DVD commentary disclaimer go?
I take no responsibility for what Eliza Lake says. The opinions expressed in the Eliza interviews are the opinions of the interviewer and interviewee and do not necessarily represent those of Cherese Vines Charming Words blog and any of its affiliates. ( Or something like that).

With that out the way, I gave her a deadlines of Friday, May 18, 2012, to get the first interview done. I believe she will be interviewing Irene Tolliver. Good luck with that. I may have a page of @$%&#! and *&$##&@ to post. Yikes! Second guessing this alter ego in charge thing.


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