Cinco de Mayo


So I texted my sister to see if we could do something to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I’m thinking fiesta dip and soft tacos. Maybe some homemade Margaritas.

She texted me back and asked

if it was just for us or could we invite others. I texted back and told her it’s up to her because we were having it at her house; and if she was going to invite everyone, EVERYONE had to bring a dish.

A day later, I got the following email, which was sent to her entire contact list :

Good Afternoon,

Time to get together again and let your hair down. Cherese suggested we celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year which is next Saturday May 5th. I’m going to host it at my home this year. I just had the idea that everyone who wants to participate (even if it’s only doing something small) can get together with friends/family in your own neck of the woods and eat Spanish food, drink Spanish drinks, listen to Spanish music and even dress up or decorate, whatever you choose to do, and then take pictures of yourselves celebrating! Sounds like fun huh? I will create an album on the yahoo group so that we can all go and post our photos of the great time we had.

There will be celebrity guest appearances, live performances by the hottest music stars, celebrity chefs on the grill, and it will all be streamed live on the internet with a spectacular fireworks display at sundown.

Ok, that last part was my own. But seriously, how did making tacos at her house turn into a multi-state celebration with costumes and photo shoots? Guess I’ll have to break out my disco ball and just go with it.

Happy Cinco de Mayo-ing!




  1. Aubrey Evans Williams · April 27, 2012

    Lol that’s hilarious!

    • Cherese Vines · April 27, 2012

      You’re invited too! Hope you don’t mind signing autographs.

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