Minions Wanted

I haven’t written (creatively) in so long I’m not sure I remember how. I have a husband, children, a house that I still have boxes in and still have rooms to paint. It’s going on a year since we moved in. I have a master to-do list that everything goes on from writing reviews to buying muffins for my daughter’s bake sale. (I wish I did have time to bake like my mom used to. Mmm, donuts…) But I still don’t have time. Well, let me correct that: I don’t MAKE time for the things I’d like to do. Yes, I am capable of making time, but the side effects are many and far too dangerous, mutations and such (gray hairs, dark and heavy bags under the eyes, red eye, yelling at people for no reason). Anyway, I don’t think the FDA would approve it.
So I’ve turned my energies toward creating a clone (or two). Long process. But in the meantime I’m holding interviews for minions. I’d like a nice bunch of minions like the ones from Despicable Me. However, I won’t rule out the little mean ones for tasks like answering telemarketer calls, beating back the shrubs and butchering the grass (yardwork), killing the earwigs and silverfish that make it into the house, and anything that has a little destruction involved. I’m sure they would love annihilating germs along side Mr. Clean in the bathroom and mopping the floors (most hated task EVER next to sweeping the floors).
All minions should leave a comment here for consideration. Benefits discussed upon callback.image


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