Official Smashwords Release of Three Weeks in May


February 12, 2012

Official Smashwords release of

Three Weeks in May

To passersby, the small crowd shivering in the frigid February morning is nothing special. But to the many couples huddled together braving the icy wind, it is the most important day of their lives. This day is the Ceremony of Moons-the day when the Matchmaker possesses the power to make their dreams of sharing a life together come true.

For Gwendolyn Elani Tolliver, it is something wonderfully mystical and exciting. It is her first ceremony, and her first step to becoming the Human wife of a Monacurian man-Elliot-the love of her life.

When the Matchmaker denies Gwen and Elliot’s request to unite in marriage, their happiness becomes a forgotten fantasy. Rather than wait the mandated three months to stand before the Matchmaker again, Gwen embarks on a relentless journey for an explanation to her denial.
Her search for answers may lead to a darker future for all of Humankind-a future made darker still as Gwen realizes that she may lose Elliot forever.

The new paranormal romance novel by Cherese A. Vines is now available for FREE at just in time for Valentine’s Day. Get your copy while it’s FREE.


Happy Reading!


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