Excerpt 2: Three Weeks in May

Excerpt 2 from Three Weeks in May

by Cherese A. Vines

Smashwords Release: February 12, 2012

Gwen looked uncertainly at the liquid. She looked at Elliot and could tell he wanted her to stop, but neither of them had a choice. Elliot slowly released her hand, and she took the glass tube from the elder’s hand.

She raised the vial to her lips, but Elliot stopped her again. He leaned forward and gently kissed her. As he moved away, she averted her eyes, blinking back tears. She quickly drank the liquid, and then suddenly looked up at Elliot.

“I guess we should’ve…said good-bye before I drank this.” She tried to give him a half-smile, but she could not control the trembling of her lips.

Elliot immediately gathered her into his embrace and kissed her deeply. It was tender, pure, precious. She would cherish it always.

Gwen forgot the room, the elder, the message she had memorized, the rioting going on twenty floors below. It was just her and Elliot. Every emotion radiated through them as he caressed the back of her arms with his fingertips. She could feel affection and tenderness, and just beneath it, the stab of grief and despair, and then there was…hope? She definitely felt hope.

There was hope. They were Meant and that was all that matter. Maybe being Meant had nothing to do with spending the rest of their lives together. Still, they would know that there was someone out there that was meant only for them. Gwen almost smiled.

Meant, she thought wistfully.

All at once, Gwen felt herself falling away from Elliot.


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