Excerpt 1: Three Weeks in May

Excerpt from Three Weeks in May

by Cherese A. Vines

Smashwords Release: February 12, 2012

Gwen walked nervously up the steps to the street level. The street was crowded for that time of day. The sun was getting lower in the sky and the street lights were starting to flicker to life. Elliot had not told her what he planned to do, even though she got off the train with him and his father without a protest from either. However, she wondered if he would leave her once they were on the sidewalk? Where would she go—not being able to go to her family or friends, and then losing Elliot? She could not wander around eluding the Council of Elders forever. If he left her, she would go to them on her own. Nothing they could do to her would be worse than being alone.

“Troopers,” Elliot whispered at her side. Gwen looked around in alarm. A tight group of troopers dressed in dark uniforms stood just outside the ring of light from the subway tunnel. They were scanning the crowd.

“You go down that way,” he said in a low voice. “Go two blocks and turn left. I’ll meet you from the other side.”

Before Gwen could protest, he walked away from her. She looked around for Doran, but he was already gone as well. Taking a breath, she turned left and avoided looking at the troopers. Half way down the block, she ventured to look back. Her heart skipped as she saw three troopers following her. Gwen looked up at the street sign as she passed it. She was supposed to turn at the next block, but she had no idea what part of the city she was in. She was in a neighborhood she had never been in before. Fear quickened her breathing as she tried to walk faster without appearing to do so.

“Gwendolyn Elani Tolliver.”

Her step faltered, and she almost turned at the sound of her name.

“That’s her.” She heard one of the troopers say clearly.

Gwen broke into a run. She heard booted footsteps pounding behind her. Turning down a side street before the corner, she crashed against the first door she saw. It groaned but did not give against her insistent pushing. The glow of lights in a café next door caught her attention and she rushed inside. The place was empty as she fled down the aisle and slipped into a booth with a discarded plate of half-eaten eggs and toast. She tore off her coat and hat and stuffed them under the table. Bending over the plate, she prayed the troopers had not seen her come in. She heard the door slowly suction close.

Her heart drummed rapidly in her chest as she waited for the door to slam open.

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