Three Weeks in May Chapter 1 Excerpt

Three Weeks in May

by Cherese A. Vines

Smashwords Release: February 12, 2012

Part I

Chapter One



It was a foggy day in the City. The cloudy air rolled quickly off the lake. Gwendolyn Elani Tolliver felt cold to the bone. She wore a brown crochet hat pulled down low, but it barely covered her short black curls or even her now completely frozen ears. A scarf would have been nice. Her summery bronze color had faded to her normal honey brown, but now, in the freezing cold, her skin was almost downright pale. In hindsight, she should have dressed less “cute.” Still, cute was cute. Her quarter-length pea coat matched the hat and showed off her beige suede skirt with the dangerously high slit up the back. Gwen cursed the slit just now, and held fast to her fiancé’s warm, gloved hand.

I should’ve worn gloves too. Gwen shivered involuntarily. Elliot Polis Rosser smiled down at her. She smiled back up at him. A few inches shorter than Elliot at five-six, the four inch high-heeled boots she wore brought her up to within an inch of looking eye-to-eye with the love of her life.

Elliot looked cute too, she thought. She had chosen the chocolate-colored, full-length wool coat and plaid newsboy cap he wore. His hairless face was a mask of patience as he stood beside her. Gwen enjoyed looking at his profile with its smooth brow, large jaw and pointy chin. His violet-hued eyes, like other Monacurians, stood out against the gray, snow-covered day. He looked the stylish yet humble and considerate gentleman she had met two years before. Now they were going to be married. She was happy to be standing by his side. But it was taking this woman forever to make it down the line of excited couples, she thought. Gwen leaned forward quickly to glance at the Matchmaker. She guessed that they all had to be deeply in love to suffer through this mid-February ceremony.

It was the Ceremony of Moons. The Monacurians used the ceremony to give couples official blessings to get married. Elliot was Monacurian, so he was accustomed to the ceremonies, but this was all new to Gwen. She was Human. The whole ceremony was exciting and romantic at the same time. It had some history to it–a history that Gwen longed for. It seemed as if she could not find any history in the City. The great museums and libraries seemed oddly devoid of anything more than fifty years ago. When she asked, the curator or librarian always said something like: “There was a fire,” or “Everything was stolen during the wars. The Monacurians helped us rebuild.”

Gwen heard someone stifle a cry which brought her mind back to the ceremony.

“What happened?” She whispered, glancing down the line again.

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