Interview: Author of The Knight in Shining Armor

The Knight in Shining Armor by Aubrey Williams


Tell Us Who You Are


My name is Aubrey Williams and I am about to turn twenty-three this year. I currently live in Riverdale, GA and work full time in Fayetteville, GA. I was born in College Park and have lived in Riverdale almost my entire life. I find myself reading, writing, enjoying a TV series, or spending time with friends when I have free time. I’m quiet at first, but once I open up I’m an extrovert!!


The Knight in Shining Armor is a book about mages. For those of us who are not familiar with the term “mage”, can you tell us a little about it? What genre would you say this is?


The term “mage” is actually a pretty general word for “practitioner of the magical arts”. It is synonymous with magician, enchanter, sorcerer, or wizard. I used the word because I liked the sound of it and it reminded me so much of the Forgotten Realm video games I played when I was younger. I chose the term simply because it is not heard very often. 


My work can be considered a high/epic fantasy. A high fantasy is a work set mostly or entirely in a fantastical or “secondary” world. The “primary” world is considered to be the real word. Sometimes the primary world does not exist (EX: Discworld), entered through a portal from the primary world (EX: Alice in Wonderland), or the two worlds exist within each other (EX: Harry Potter).



What inspired you to write this book?


I have to be honest. I wasn’t inspired to really write this work at first. About ten years ago I found that I had a love for the things supernatural and fantastical. I spent a great deal of time enjoy shows like Charmed, Roswell, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Not only did the fantastical elements attract me, I was also in love with the storytelling and being able to escape into those shows.


With that, I would say that I grew passionate about storytelling and decided to try it for myself. In high school I thought it’d be fun to create a story that I could share with my friends and family. This book was originally just a story and it became a book quickly during the summer of 2006. I was soon inspired to write more because of my love for storytelling, feedback from friends and family, and the realization that I could create a lovable story just like the writers of all my favorite shows. It’s that love of storytelling that still inspires me to write great fiction.


Has writing always been your passion? Why did you choose to write for children/young adults?


Writing is about expression and I think since I was very quiet as a child, I clung to that as a venue of expression. When I was younger I enjoyed writing papers and debates and reports. It made me feel knowledgeable, powerful, and noticed. Writing crept up on me one day. I hadn’t realized that I had had a love for it so long. When high school came and I was tested with writing papers and reports, I felt confident in my execution. I felt like I was a writer. The passion for expression has made me very passionate about writing.


I can’t say I’ve particularly chosen to write for a specific audience. I’ve really only written two books. I’m not quite sure if that’s the audience I want. I think I really want to write for teens and that would be because teen books are the most fun to read. They feature barely adult characters who handle nearly adult situations. It’s always been fascinating to read about the lives of teenagers. I think as I grow as a writer, I will try nearly everything until I am 100% sure who I want to write for.



You have a very distinctive writing voice. It has a mix of storytelling narration and third-person omniscient, for example, going into the non-heroic characters’ minds as well. It’s engaging. Is this something that flows naturally or have you cultivated this style?


As a new writer I can’t say that I’ve spent any time developing any particular style. I think my style just came naturally out of me. It’s completely incidental. As I grow I hope that I’ll understand what my style means and how it affects the readers.



Are you working on any other books?


The Knight in Shining Armor is my first book, Him, Known As Awakened follows the story of Emma and Daniel. It was published this year! I’m so excited about it. I’m actually currently working on the third installment of The Sulexian Chronicles. It’s called The Warrior and it is a continuation of Emma and Daniel’s journey. I think it’s my best work so far and I hope to be done by this month’s end.



Is there anything else you would like your readers to know?


I want my readers to know that I strive to entertain them, enrich them, and make them feel the emotions I have felt while reading a great book. I also want to inspire them to write if they feel the pull to it. It’s not easy at first, but it’s worth it once you see the end result. 🙂



How can readers contact you and find your books?


I can be reached at

My books can be found online at (which I recommend),, or


To find out more about Aubrey Williams and the World of Sulex visit his website is

 or Facebook.

Thank you, Aubrey.



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