The Knight in Shining Armor – Book Review

The Knight in Shining Armor by Aubrey Williams

You have to read this book with an open mind and a sense of humor. This book is unlike any I have ever read. 

It is a very magical book with fantastic powers and uniquely quirky characters. The flow and action are well paced and enchanting.

It is the story of teenaged twins Emma and Daniel who find out that their parents aren’t their real parents (but it doesn’t matter any more because they’ve been killed by an evil-but-very-much their-real-relative uncle Amethyst). They’re whisked to another realm which turns out to be where they’re really from. There they learn they are mages and must start their training. Eventually the mission to save their country and the other countries from their evil uncle Amethyst falls to Emma and Daniel and a few of their fellow teenaged mage classmates.

It was really a difficult read for me because I had in my mind of the way a book about magic was supposed to read, and how the characters were supposed to talk. The author jumps completely out of that box. The dialog is engaging and quirky (that is going to be my favorite word in this review: quirky). I was amused often. Whether it was the author’s intention, I don’t know. It was almost like watching that movie Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman. I was laughing the whole movie when no one else seemed to be. I couldn’t figure out if I was the odd one out or not. There are a lot of one-liners that had me thinking, “well, go ahead” and others that had me laughing.

“The Inner Eye is the eye that helps you seek the future as well as the present.”

“I don’t know about that,” said Emma.

“Have you been having strange dreams lately?”

“How did you know that?”

“I have the Inner Eye…I know things that I don’t even know I know,”

said Yambai.


This is not to say that I’m laughing at the book or the author. The story itself was entertaining. It had a great plot and a lot of action, although the sheer frankness of the characters threw me off at times. The things the characters said were things that should be said to get to the point. No beating about the bush for these characters. But, oh my. I had to pause many times just to wrap my head around it. Like when Emma is planning the team’s mission and she’s finished answering question.


“Do we have to go if you invited us?” asked Aurora. “I mean. Do we have a choice?”

“Well. If you don’t want to go. Don’t show up.” Emma answered. “That’s the end of questions. Please leave.”


How many books have parts in it that you’re just like, why didn’t someone just say something like this and be done with it? Priceless. Or maybe it’s just me. 

There are many parts of beautiful prose and then many parts of distracting narrative. There were times that I wondered if the same author wrote each part. But I pushed through because I wanted to know what the mystery of the Knight in Shining Armor was. Why the queen left in the middle of the mission. How were they (a bunch of kids) going to defeat this powerful mage Amethyst?

Now this book is not a humorous book where everything in it was meant to make you laugh, nor is it a book that is so bad it’s “laughable”. To me this is a totally different category. The author’s style is so unique, I can’t put my finger on it.

It’s like that person you know; let’s call him Steve. Steve’s a great guy, a good person, doesn’t take himself too seriously but he’s loyal and you can count on him, you get a little joy when you come across him, he’s so blunt when he talks that it is embarrassing at times and funny at other times, he can be really profound at the most unlikely moments, you don’t completely understand where Steve’s coming from all the time, but you’re like “It’s cool”, and when Steve continues on his way for the day, you’re left shaking your heading and laughing a little. That’s this book.

The author has a great imagination and needs some editing. But overall an exciting story. You’ll get lost a lot, but just keep reading it will make sense. Be prepared for the quirky.  

Find it on Barnes and Noble, Amazon.



  1. Worlds To Discover · September 1, 2011

    Do you have an excerpt you can add? Would love to read a portion of the book to get a sense of the author’s style.

  2. Cherese Vines · September 11, 2011

    Things are still chaotic from the move. I haven’t even unpacked my computer yet. I’ll post an excerpt when I can get the file off my computer. Thanks for the interest. Look out for an author interview coming soon.

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